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February 6, 2023
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Durable + Cleaning Companies: A Quick Guide


One of the biggest barriers to getting your cleaning company’s website up and running is the time it takes to find, hire, and consult with a web designer. 

When you use Durable, you skip that step, and still impress potential clients with a contemporary, professionally designed website that looks great on mobile.

But don’t just take our word for it—try out Durable’s AI website builder for cleaning companies for free. While you do, here are some cleaner-specific features worth trying out.

What makes Durable a smart choice for cleaning companies?

Durable’s AI website builder uses artificial intelligence to plan, design, and lay out a website for your cleaning business in seconds. If you struggle with writer’s block, it will even create content for each section of your site.

Something need changing? Your new website is 100% customizable. Or, if you want to start fresh, just tell the AI website builder—it’ll create a brand new design from scratch.

Besides our AI website builder, Durable offers a these powerful features for professional cleaners:

  • Built-in CRM. Durable’s client relationship management (CRM) platform integrates with your site, making it easy to capture, track, and manage leads.
  • Google Ad writing. Advertising your business on Google? Our built-in ad writer generates Google Ads you can run ASAP to attract new business.

What to include on your Durable cleaning service homepage

Here are some of the sections Durable can create for you on your homepage. Each is designed with cleaning companies in mind. Take some time to experiment with Durable’s AI website builder and see what works for you.

The hero image

Credit: Ida & Son Spotless

Your hero image is the first thing new visitors to your cleaning company’s website see. It’s your chance to set the mood and establish your company’s identity. 

In the Durable website editor, you can select from a variety of high quality stock photos selected by AI, or upload your own image. Write your own greeting and introduction, or have AI generate something for you. Anything the AI creates is fully editable.

The hero image is also a good place to feature a call to action (CTA), typically a button or link leading to another part of your site. For instance, the CTA on your page may invite visitors to see what services you have to offer, or see information on some of your most recent projects.

The Services section

Credit: Neatly Cleaned

Unlike a hero image—which virtually every modern cleaning company’s website features—a Services section is optional. However, it’s a great way to filter out prospects who aren’t a good fit, while encouraging good potential leads to keep scrolling.

Your Services section doesn’t need to be incredibly long or in-depth—a few images with descriptions of the services you offer will do. Eventually, you may want to create a separate Services page, and link the items in your homepage’s Services section to it.

In the Durable website editor, select Add Section > List. The editor will generate three images with accompanying text, which you can then edit.


Source: Tip Top Clean

When it comes to cleaning services, testimonials go a long way toward establishing trust with potential clients.

The easiest way to get testimonials is to reach out to past clients. If you haven’t already, consider making it part of your regular routine to follow up with past clients and get testimonials from them. A quick email or 15 minutes on the phone can net you a powerful piece of marketing.

The Durable website editor provides a specific feature for testimonials. Select Add section > Quote/testimonial. The editor will generate text which you can then edit.

Multiple testimonials appear in a carousel, each testimonial cycling through every few seconds. 

Project gallery

Credit: Credit: Red Direct

An image gallery on the main page of your site lets you show off past cleaning projects and highlight the kind of services you offer. In terms of content, before and after photos are a great choice.

To include an image gallery on your main page, go to Add section > Gallery. Once the section is added, use the edit button to choose up to 12 images, and toggle between grid and carousel views.

Business location

Credit: Red Direct

Including the location of your office on your homepage helps give your business legitimacy—it shows you aren’t a fly-by-night operation. It will also make it easier later when one of your clients inevitably loses your business card but needs to figure out where to mail your check.

To include a map to your location on your site, go to Add section > Location.

Value-add content for your Durable cleaning company website

Beyond your homepage, Durable will help you create a variety of pages for your website that add value for clients, potential clients, or anyone who wants to know more about what you have to offer as a professional cleaner.

Your Services page

Credit: Queen Cleaning

Even if you list some of your cleaning services on the main page of your site, a dedicated “Services” page gives you the chance to go into greater detail about each one, while potentially highlighting more niche services that might not fit on the main page. 

Your About page

Credit: Neatly Cleaned

An “About” page lets you add some personality to your cleaning company’s website. It’s a chance to talk about your company’s values, and the kind of work you do. But it’s also a chance to talk about your own experience in the industry and your qualifications, as well as the experience and qualifications of those on your team.

Your blog

Credit: Ida & Son Spotless

When you think of marketing for cleaning companies, a blog may not be the first thing that pops into mind. But professional cleaners often have unique perspectives on industry developments that mainstream media overlooks. A blog can draw more traffic to your site through Google search, while also demonstrating your experience and expertise. 

Your Contact page

Credit: Ida & Son Spotless

Creating a separate contact page lets you go into a bit more detail about what kind of information you need from prospective clients, so you spend less time following up with leads, trying to get specifics from them so you can write a quote.

Still getting the hang of Durable? Learn more about AI website builders.

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