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March 7, 2023
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Building Multiple Websites with Durable Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide


Since launching our AI website builder, we've received variations of the questions hundreds (if not thousands) of times:

Can I build multiple websites with one account?

And with good cause! Whether you run multiple businesses or a marketing agency, the wheels are turning in everyone's heads — AI generated websites can help entrepreneurs work smarter (and generate more revenue).

With Durable Pro, you can generate unlimited websites via AI from one Durable account. Yes — unlimited. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, all from your Durable account. You'll find Durable Pro incredible powerful if:

1) You run multiple businesses and want an individual website for each business, all in one place.

2) You run a marketing or web agency and want to produce and sell websites for clients 100x faster.

3) You're in a specific industry or niche (for example, real estate) and know contacts in need of a website.

4) You're looking for an AI-powered side hustle that actually works.

The TLDR is this: You can now start generating and selling website with AI.

It's an entirely new kind of side hustle, and it's easy to get started. With Durable Pro, you can build the world's fastest website design agency in a matter of seconds (minutes, at the longest). With some clever marketing, a willingness to cold-message contacts, and some basic marketing, you can start generating serious revenue with AI.

In this guide, we'll review how to get up and running with Durable Pro — and how to start selling.

Building Multiple Websites with Durable Pro AI

Some good news: this section is pretty short!

We wanted to make it 100x faster and easier to build dozens or hundreds of websites in a matter of minutes. Using Durable AI, generating multiple websites couldn't be simpler. Here's how to do it.

1) Generate a  website and sign up for a Durable account: most of y'all will have completed this step already. But if you haven't yet, generate a business website in 3 clicks with Durable AI. Sign up for an account, and jump ahead to Step 2

2) Create a new business: click the name of your business in the top left corner. Select Create business.

Create a business, any business.

3) Enter business details: just like you did when generating your original Durable website, enter any business, a name, and a location.

Two clicks + three fields = a new business website

4) Edit your website: after generating your website, customize it however you like using your website editor. Then, publish it!

Every new business includes the entire Durable platform

Heads up: for every new site you publish (not generate), another Durable subscription is required. If you're looking to build 10 or more websites, contact us for customized pricing options.

Marketing Ideas for Selling Websites

An AI-powered web design agency is a totally new side hustle. Because of that, you're not going to find any in-depth how-to guides or reddit threads for how to start selling AI-generated websites at scale.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Create a page for your services: this one's obvious, but critical. If you're going to position yourself as a Durable web design pro, you better have the marketing page to prove it. Take some time creating a dedicated page for your agency, website side hustle — whatever you choose to call it. If you've got existing examples of websites you've generated for clients, awesome. Use the image carousel or gallery section to showcase high-res examples. No clients yet? Create sample websites that show your skills and range.

2) Start promoting: again, this one's obvious — and experienced marketers will justifiably breeze past this point. You'll want to showcase your new website business on all of your existing social channels. Don't be shy about it — shout from the rooftops, and let anyone and everyone know you're open for business. And when it comes to friends and family, be vocal. Your first few clients are likely to be friends or family (and that's okay!).

3) Find contacts with terrible websites (or no websites at all): if you specialize in a specific niche or industry, look for anyone in your network with no website or a website that you might politely call "lacking." Quickly generate them a sample website and share it with them (you can share a sample website without publishing using a temporary link). Take a bit of time to customize it — but it doesn't have to be perfect. The idea, here, is to give a "sneak peek" at what you can provide them in a time frame 100x faster than they expected. Don't be afraid to venture outside of your network!

4) Comb reddit and community groups: depending on your industry, there are a *ton* of subreddits and Facebook groups where professionals congregate. Keep an eye out for posts asking how to build a website, which website builder they should use, etc. These topics tend to get asked pretty frequently (depending on the group), and you can quickly respond with a sample website similar to the one discussed in point three.

5) Post to Craigslist: yes, Craigslist may look like it's stuck in the Netscape era — but it really works. Create a broad post advertising your web design services in the Services or Gigs section. Then, create a post within specific categories under Jobs. If you work in a specific niche (for example, real estate), advertise your expertise both within the niche and as a designer in your posting. It might seem old school, but Craigslist is an *very* popular resource for side hustlers and entrepreneurs for good reason.

6) Market, market, market: the above is by no means an exhaustive list. For way more ideas on how to market your design practice specifically, head to our in-depth marketing guide.

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