You’re already a digital pro, so you need a website that shows off your skills to potential clients who are looking to level up their social media presence. Having a professional website builds your credibility and acts as a portfolio of all the content you’ve created for your clients. It’s the place where you get to highlight how you help other businesses grow and achieve more through social media. 

A great social media management website lets clients know who you are and what you can help them accomplish. It’s the beginning of a solid relationship between your business and the brands that need your expertise. 

What should I include on my social media management website? 

A solid social media management website template should include: 

  • Your business name or, if you don’t have a business name, your name and what you do (e.g. Social Media Management by Jess) 
  • A way for clients to get in touch with you (a contact form is best)
  • Samples of your past work including posts you’ve written and videos you’ve created
  • Testimonials from clients who have enjoyed working with you
  • A list of the types of businesses you specialize in working with
  • Links to your own social media accounts  

Elements of a stand-out social media management website.

When you run your own social media management company, your job is to help other brands perfect their digital presence. It’s essential to have a website that shows clients that you know exactly which strategies will help them grow their audience and attract new customers.

You can do this by including client testimonials and prominently displaying any impressive metrics. Testimonials help potential clients see some social proof that you’re great at what you do, which makes them more likely to want to work with you.

Always list out the types of businesses you’re interested in working with. For example, you might be interested in only working with fashion brands or nonprofits. Maybe you want to get into working with tech companies or perhaps you’re more excited about helping out local restaurants. Being clear about this on your site ensures that the right clients come to you. 

Your website is a communication tool, so be sure to include a contact form that’s easily accessible so interested visitors can get in touch right away. 

How do I start building a social media management website?

Building a website from scratch can feel overwhelming. It’s costly to hire a designer or web developer and many of the website builders on the market today have a steep learning curve. Creating your own website takes you away from working on client projects and growing your business. 

But getting started doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with Durable’s AI website builder, you can set up your social media management website without the hassle of hiring someone or working on it yourself. Durable writes copy, finds images, picks colors and fonts, and puts it all together for you in 30 seconds.