If you’re firing the ignition on a new car detailing business or taking an existing operation online, building a great website is critical to your success.

Car detailing is a business built on careful attention to the smallest facets of a vehicle, so your website should reflect that same consideration. Lucky for you, there aren’t that many things you need to do to ensure your website is clean and sparkling.

What sections does my car detailing website template need to have?

A complete car detailing website template should have:

  • A automotive-themed header with your business name, a professional image, and a link to your contact information
  • An extensive photo gallery featuring high-quality images of shiny cars
  • A list of the types of services you provide, like interior, exterior, coatings, etc.
  • A price list or details on hourly rates
  • A link to your online booking service
  • At least one positive testimonial from a happy vehicle owner
  • An About Us section that describes why customers should choose your car detailing operation 
  • A contact form, plus your email address, phone number, and social media handles

How to outshine the car detailing competition.

It is critically important that your car detailing website is as clean as the vehicles leaving your shop. So be sure that you are using high-resolution, professionally taken photos of clean cars in tip top condition. And make sure that you include photos of your equally clean facility so that customers know they are leaving their vehicles in good hands.

If you offer package deals, outline the details as part of your pricing information—people searching online love to see a bargain.

Great testimonials can mean the difference between average profits and big success. Ask repeat clients to write you glowing reviews and feature them prominently on your site.

The right tool to build your car detailing website.

While there are a lot of services that will allow you to create your own car detailing website, they take time to learn and often come with a significant cost. But thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, you can have a personalized car detailing website built just for you in only 30 seconds.

Durable’s AI website builder writes copy, finds images, chooses fonts, and selects colors, then pieces them all together into a professional, user-friendly website for your business. It takes less than a minute and it’s free. Why do it yourself when Durable can do it for you?