The fitness industry is a crowded place these days, with plenty of competition from musclebound competitors. To stand out, you need a professional personal training website stocked with a few essential features.

If you’re ready to start blasting quads and your competitors, get warmed up so we can look at what you need on your personal training website.

What do I need to include on my personal training website?

Most personal training websites include:

  • At the top, your business name, an inspirational photo, and a link to your contact info
  • A photo gallery featuring glossy images of the type of clients you serve, whether that’s bodybuilders or regular folks just trying to stay healthy
  • A list of the specific services you provide, like group training, functional strength, nutrition coaching, and more
  • Links to blog posts or articles that explain the science behind your niche of the fitness market
  • Links to specific products that you use, such as training equipment or nutritional supplements
  • As many positive testimonials as you can get from your happy clients
  • An About Us that quickly outlines why you are the ideal person to make a difference in the health and fitness of potential clients
  • Contact information including email address, phone number, social media handles, and a contact form

How to make sure your personal training website is in great shape

Step one is to include professional, high-quality images of people training the way that you intend to train your clients, whether that’s grimacing under huge piles of weight or smiling during a relaxing yoga class.

Next, when you’re writing your About Us section, take time to describe what sets you apart from all the other trainers in your area. And if there aren’t any other trainers in your area, be sure to say it!

While testimonial quotes are essential for your site, if you can expand one into a case study describing how you really helped a client achieve their fitness goals, that’s even better.

Lastly, if you offer free fitness assessments, put it up front on your website to encourage people to contact you.

Is there a tool that can help me build my personal training website?

There are so many! But they take significant time to learn and tend to come with a high price tag. Instead, try Durable’s AI website builder. With a small push in the right direction from you, the AI personal training website builder writes copy, sources images, and lays out your site with style, all completely free.