The battle to find the right staff for open roles never ends. With so many HR experts out there, the competition for the best applicants can get heated fast. In order for you to secure the right people for the right jobs, they need to find your recruiting business first. The best way to get it done? A professional website complete with a few essential sections.

What do I need to have on my recruiting business website?

A five-star recruiting website template should include:

  • A header that inspires confidence, complete with your business name, a professional image, and a link to your contact information
  • A list of your services, such as job search, candidate search, résumé writing, interview preparation, etc.
  • A link to your job board for candidates interested in seeing the positions you’re trying to fill
  • One or more positive testimonials explaining how you’ve helped candidates find work and assisted companies hire valuable employees
  • An About Us section that explains a little about your background and your recruiting philosophy
  • Contact information including a contact form, your office’s physical address (if you have one) with an embedded Google Map, phone number, email address, and social media handles

How can I make my recruiting website stand out from the competition?

The best way to build your reputation is to have lots of positive testimonials. Take the best ones and turn them into case studies that explain how instrumental you were in transforming the lives of candidates or the teams of businesses you’ve helped.

You should also consider adding areas of specialization, such as technology, government, legal, engineering, etc. This will help candidates and companies searching for those specific topics to find your website faster.

You can also boost traffic to your website by including free information, such as interview tips, cover letter templates, and salary guides.

Who should I recruit to build my website?

You could hire a developer to build your website, but it will cost you and it will probably take a while. Instead, try Durable’s AI website builder and launch your recruiting website literally today. With just a small amount of input from you, Durable can create a professional website for your business in less than a minute. That includes writing the copy, finding images, choosing colors and fonts, and laying it all out on a user-friendly template. And it’s 100% free.